Born Sleepy

Thursday, July 1


Friday, June 25

total housemare

really really need a new housemate - even though I've advertised just about everywhere I can think of, I've got minimal interest.
got 2 people coming round for the weekend, 1 sounds a total no-go, but the other is a possible, though he is visiting fromm America...and a chorister!
so we shall see how it turns out...

Thursday, June 17

last night

Last night went to see the amazing Bill Bailey.
He is a fabulously funny man. The second half was particularly hilarious - highlights included the 'News at 10 rave', the Kraftwerk sings the hokey-kokey, and my all time favourite bit of Bill Bailey - arguing with car rental people about what entails an 'act of God'...

Wednesday, June 16

world's tiredest kid

dont know whats happening to me - managed to turn off my 3 alarms this morning and go back to sleep. Only woke up at 9:30 when a car alarm started going off. I dread to think what would have happened if it wasn;t for the alarm.

o had to ring in sick -I hate doing it, but I just couldn't get to work before 20:25, and then
I'd be in no state to work anywwy. Do I think I'll go in after lunch. Hope it doesn't all kick off...

Tuesday, June 15

Day 3

Trying to email myself - will this work?

Day 2

Gotta get more stuff down here - to see what it's gonna look like.

Day 1

Well II'm gonna start here, in the full knowledge that I'll probably trash this post.
But you gotta start somewhere...